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Atalia Ceramics Studio

Hand made tiles and pottery 

Frequently Asked
Where is the studio located and when can I visit?

The studio is adjacent to my home in Ramat Hasharon in Central Israel. It may be visited from Sunday through Friday between 9 AM to 6 PM by appointment. Please call, e-mail or contact to get the details.

How long do I need to wait to receive a name plaque order?

well, it depends....

When you order one of the ready made signs available at the shop, I only need to add your name an re-fire. This usually takes between one to three working days, depending on my firing schedule. When you order a custom made sign, the process takes longer, depending on complexity of design and drying time of the clay. On average, it's about three weeks, give or take.

Do you take custom orders for name or address signs?

Yes I do.

You can choose just about everything - size, design, colors, with or without screw holes and fonts.

I can make signs in any language, you will get the inscription for proofing before I actually paint it on the tile.

What is the best way to mount ceramic name or address signs?

There are several options, depending on the substance on to which the tile will be mounted. For walls, it would be best to use mortar; on wooden or metal doors, double sided adhesive tape will do a good job. You can also install  the tiles with screws. The holes must be made when the clay is still wet, so make sure you to plan your mounting method in advance. 

Are the tiles and name signs durable for installing outside?

I fire my tiles to 1060 degrees Farenheit. The colors are integrated with the clay and glaze and do not fade

or wipe out. 

Which means of payment do you accept?

Online payments are managed with Paypal. You don't need to open an account with Paypal in order to use it and it's secure, safe and very easy to use. At the studio, you can pay also with Israeli Checks or cash.

Prices are indicated in Israeli Shekels.

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